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19K1268-BXF - IBM Compatible LC-SC Fibre Channel Adapter Cable   
19K1268 - Click to enlarge

Part #:  19K1268-BXF

For use with IBM equipment, this cable option provides connection flexibility for IBM Fibre Channel products.

  • 1 Meter length
  • High quality cable compatible with 19K1268
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cross ref 19K1250

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Price: $14.99

  • Have a question regarding 19K1268 units? Call us at 877-706-7516 and we’ll be glad to help. We warranty our 19K1268 units against defects for 30 days and provide same day shipping on most orders. In addition to 19K1268 units, Boxfire provides access to large selections of other cables, usually available for immediate shipment. As well, if you should have any need to sell your excess 19K1268 units or any other type of IBM products, please contact us at 877-706-7516.

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